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Welcome to Domesticated Dad

Being a shift worker means that I am normally around during more of the important times of the day i.e when the kids need to be fed. And even though I sometimes find cooking a chore, I do quite enjoy it.

Lately however I have found myself spending too much time looking through our library of cook books in the hope of some inspiration to make meal times around our house a more adventurous and enjoyable experience… And hey presto, another weblog is born!

On the advice of a friend I have decided to teach myself how to cook like a pro (or at least to the level of my mom) and this blog is the diary of my adventures down the road to culinary utopia!

Here I will share all my successes, failures and recipes and I hope you will all join in and take up the challenge of not just cooking but creating.


15 March 2012: Found out today that I am officially diabetic, so it is healthy eating from here on in. I think you may soon find a shift in the type of recipes I post.

“who knows together we might all make the world a better plate!”

Drop me a line and say hello. If you have a website or blog, let me know, if it’s a good’un I’ll add ya to the blogroll!


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