Review: Harry’s

hugh-glassI know that the current fashion for men is to look like a bear trapper who has just returned from a month in the woods, but I just can’t stand to go a few days without shaving. For years however, I was stuck in a shaving rut, where shaving was a chore, which sometimes left my face sore, and looking a bit like I had just been wrestling with a baby tiger. Besides the pain however, there was also the cost. Disposable razor blades can cost anywhere up to £4 each, and those cheap disposable razors really should just be used to torture people with. Luckily someone suggested to me to try Harry’s subscription razor service and my face hasn’t been the same since.

Not only is Harry’s economical; they give you the razor, the first trial blade and a can of shaving gel (you just have to pay the £2.95 postage), but the blades if you like them are only £1.75 each, and they should last you a week or two depending on how much you shave. Asides from being cheap though, Harry’s blades are the best I have ever used, they glide effortlessly across your face, they are sharp and they left me without even the tiniest of nicks. Even the shave gel (something I don’t really use; I am a brush and shave soap man usually) was fantastic; it foamed well, cushioned my face and it smells pretty good to boot.

The best part for me though it that I no longer have to remember to keep a stock of shaving supplies to hand (on more than one occasion I have shaved using just regular hand soap) because Harry’s delivers their supplies straight to your door, at an interval of your choosing.

Now I know that some of you may be sceptical of this stellar review, but trust me, I have tried to find something to grip about, but couldn’t find anything. Everything from the blade handle, to the blades and shave gel have been perfect. The website is fantastically designed, and easy to navigate, your subscription is easy to set-up and edit even the delivery came a day quicker than they predicted. Of course I haven’t tried all their products yet, but if they are as good as the trial products than I may be a customer here for a long, long time.

Harry’s Subscription Razor Service 5/5






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