Slow cooking without a slow cooker.

Winter is here. Time to get out the slow cooker and cook up some warming stews and curries…  Oh, wait a minute, I don’t have a slow cooker. I have meant to get one,  but I don’t really have the space to store one.

If that sounds familiar than you will be happy that after about 30 seconds of research however,  I have discovered I don’t even need one. I have a large cast iron casserole dish, I can just use that (maybe I am a bit slow, but I never really thought of that before). After all a slow cooker is just a mini oven? So as I have learned I can just follow the same recipe and then set the oven on about 200°f or 250°f if the calls for the higher heat setting.

Of course the jury is still out when it comes to the additional cost of leaving my oven on for eight hours. I know it will cost almost three times as much if I had an electric oven but  I have a gas oven and can’t find any comparison… I am sure however, that unless you are going to be using slow cooker recipes every day, it is really going to be that noticeable, so until I can find space for a slow cooker to be stored when not in use I will just use the good old oven method.


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