An Apology For My Absence

I was down at the pub the other night and someone asked me; “how is your food blog going?”

Then it came flooding back… Once upon a time I had a food blog, I used to research and then write about food that I love. Once upon a time, I used to try new things in the kitchen, why did I stop?

I suppose I stopped for the same reason I stop most things; I lost my inspiration. Writing about food, and trying new recipes became too much like a job and less like an enjoyable hobby… And I already have a forty plus hour a week job!

Then last night, I was feeling grumpy, and looking miserable, and Domesticated Mum said; “you need a hobby, something to sink your teeth into, take your mind off the other stuff in life.”

Shortly afterwards, the phone rang. It was the mother in-law, wondering who was going to cook this year’s Christmas feast. I agreed it would be me.

So then last night, like a bolt out of the blue, it came to me, like when John Belushi stepped into the light in The Blues Brothers. The blog… you should resurrect the blog man!

And so here I sit, typing away, surrounded by recipe books, old cooking magazines, bringing the blog back to life.

Of course I know now, that I need to take it easy, I don’t want to burn myself out again, I don’t want to spoil the recipe. Yet, the fact that I am writing my first entry on this blog in almost a year is a sign. A sign that I really should never have stopped, I should have just rested a bit, and continued cooking a better dish. Which is what I plan on doing now, cooking when I can, and writing when I want, no gimmicks, no fuss, just good old-fashioned food blogging, which hopefully will benefit us all!

Thank you for reading, and putting up with my extended absence, I hope to be back with some delicious recipes soon.



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