Top tips for Christmas: how to cook perfect brussels sprouts

In many parts of the world it is traditional to eat Brussel sprouts on Christmas Day. I am not sure why (probably just because they are at their best this time of the year), but for me it was one tradition that I was sure was some sort of culinary repentance exercise (eat your sprouts and all will be forgiven for telling Santa you’ve been good all year when we all know you’ve had naughty episodes like everyone else).

Then a few years ago I was drafted in to prepare Christmas dinner at our house, so not to break with tradition I put them on the menu, and as a cook of some culinary standards, I make it a practice of mine, never to put anything on somebody’s plate that I wouldn’t eat myself. So I did what I always do, I searched the internet to find the perfect sprout recipe to lessen the pain of eating those dreaded tiny cabbages. In the end I chose a Brussel Sprout Gratin recipe, which pretty much masked that I was eating a sprout in the first place.

Last year however, I made a simple Brussel sprouts and bacon recipe, which was a revelation, because it was with that simple combination that I discovered that it isn’t sprouts that I don’t like, it is bad cooks, who insist on boiling the little green gems to a soggy bitter end.

So to prevent you from being the bearer of bad sprouts I have set off on a journey through cyberspace to find you a video to show how to cook the perfect Christmas Brussel sprouts… And who knows it may even be the video that takes you from the bearer of bad veg to the savior of the humble sprout.




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