here we go again…

Regular readers, if I have any left, will have noticed that the entries here dried up, shrivelled away like a piece of fruit left in the fruit-bowl too long, some time ago. And for that I can only apologise. I am back now, hopefully for some time to come because I have a new recipe which hopefully will suit both you my readers, and myself, the humble and apologetic writer and home cook.

After much thought and deliberation I think I have discovered why the recipe of this blog wasn’t working… I over-complicated it. I added too many ingredients, trying to make this blog a Michelin starred dish when really I am only an amateur home cook, sharing recipes. I was reviewing beers, books television shows and other silly things when really all I should have been doing was writing about my adventures in he kitchen as I initially intended… And that my friends is what I intend to get back to. The basics.

Of course if I do find a wonderful new ingredient, or kitchen gadget I certainly will let you know, but basically, I intend to stick to the basics, writing about my love of food and cooking. And hopefully this will become the dish I have always hoped this blog would be.

Thanks for reading.


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