TV Dinners: Nigellissima, An Italian Inspired Christmas

If you are a fan of Nigellissima, Nigella’s italian inspired cookery show from earlier in the year then you should pop over to the BBC iPlayer and give this a view. It is just a 60 minute version of Nigella’s earlier series with a Christmassy twist, but fans of this series will love it.

If you are new to Nigella’s Italian inspired series however, you might want to pop over and check it out if you have a few spare minutes. If you are busy preparing for the holiday festivities, don’t bother, I am sure your life will be just as fulfilled without spending an hour with Nigella in her immaculate kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nigella. She is for me a fantastic home cook. One of my favourites in fact, but for me the recipes in this series were not very Christmassy. They all looked delicious, and probably are, but at this time of the year I want more familiar food, experimenting can come later in the year. And besides I don’t have the time in my schedule to be popping over to Venice to pick up a bottle of Tuaca that she used in the first recipe.

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