TV Dinner; The Great British Bake-off Christmas Masterclass

Watching Mary Berry baking with Paul Hollywood is like watching a middle-aged man working in the kitchen with his mum. There is a lot silly banter, and at one point in the programme I think I even heard Paul ask if he could lick to spoon. Still, it was great fun to watch the Queen of Cakes getting to work with The Prince of Bread (sorry Paul I still think Dan Lepard is the gluten king); and between the two of them they showed us all the classic Christmas bakes. We had a Christmas cake, a Christmas pudding,Mince Pies, a Yule Log (which Mary tried to posh up by calling it La Buche de Noel), a twist on a panettone and some Chelsea buns with cranberry, turkey and stuffing.

It was all very nicely presented, and the recipes all looked delicious and easy, but the whole show was ruined by the BBC deciding to air it one week before Christmas. I say this because the very first tip Mary gives us viewers after making her sublime looking Christmas cakes is… “Make this at least three weeks before Christmas to allow it to mature.”

If you want to see how Mary Makes Christmas cake the show is available on the BBC iPlayer, and is repeated Sunday at 11:30am on BBC2. Also, all the recipes from the show are available on the BBC website.


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