TV Dinners: Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas

If you have ever watched one of Nigel Slater‘s cookery programmes than you will find nothing new here. It is filmed in his immaculate kitchen like all the other programmes he makes, and it has a segment when he pops out to meet up with someone (this time Nigel pops over to Norway to help choose the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree)… Don’t take this the wrong way though, because I believe that Nigel’s shows are among the best on the television, because Nigel has never been a chef who makes a fuss. He doesn’t have a Michelin Star, nor a restaurant, but what he does have is an infectious passion for cooking, and in the 12 Tastes of Christmas, I believe Nigel has brought everything I love about festive food to the television screen in a neat 30 minute package.

He started the show with my favourite Christmas ingredient, cranberries, using them to make a delicious looking dish with sausages. Then he made some ginger biscuits, and a ginger cocktail. For the veggies out there he made a nut roast before jetting off for his excursion to Norway to source a tree, and a delicious sounding mulled wine recipe. Back to England and we are treated to a mulled lamb recipe, and some cheese nibbles. Which all sounds a bit tiring, but thanks to Nigel’s laid back manner, and simple, easy cooking style I only felt inspired to do some cooking… Oh, and a bit hungry.

If you missed this wonderful show, and you live in the UK then I suggest that you pop over to the trusty ol’ BBC website and catch-up on the iPlayer, then get your TV guide and highlight part two which airs on the 21st of December.

If you just want to check out his recipes in detail, then you are in luck my friends because the kind people at the BBC have put all of Nigel’s recipes on their website for you to try.


2 thoughts on “TV Dinners: Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas

  1. Ooh! Glad I saw your post. I missed this and I do love a bit of Nigel’s food…my sister in law gave me one of his paperbacks – no pictures just recipes but I drool over it for hours in the kitchen when planning meals – far more than the glossy pictured alternatives 🙂

    1. I agree, as a homecook the only celebrity chefs who have books worth buy are Nigel and Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson. Though, I have found some useful recipes in other cook books, overall I find most celebrity chef books a bit useless and uninspiring!

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