TV Dinners; Heston Blumenthal’s Fantastical Food

I don’t think anyone ever told Heston not to play with his food when he was a child, which is probably a good thing because he sure is fun to watch. Here in his new series the mad scientist of food has set his sights on making food fun again by making it gigantic… For no reason in particular, he is doing it just because he can.

In the first episode he decided to bring breakfast back by making it fun again. He started by making a giant fried breakfast with a log sized sausage, a giant fried egg made from yogurt and mango, and some huge baked beans which were actually boiled potatoes in tomato sauce. Of course Heston wasn’t happy to stop there, especially since nobody wanted to eat his huge breakfast. So Heston set his sites on creating the Breakfast Express, an entire train dedicated to the most important meal of the day.

And what was on the menu?

Black pudding turned into Nutella. Sausages disguised as a tomato. A backwards bacon sandwich where the bread was between the bacon. Brioche made to look like mushrooms. Milk infused salmon made to look like fried eggs. A giant Shreddie, stuffed with all the other best kids cereals, complete with ‘snap, crackle, pop’ milk made with space dust… And of course there was also the hardest part of the challenge, a giant boiled egg accompanied by real soldiers!

All fantastic fun to watch, but you certainly won’t learn to cook anything, unless of course you have a frying pan the size of paddling pool…



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