Goodbye October, hello November

October was another fantastic month, and the busiest month on the blog so far in terms of visitors and visitors per day, so let me begin by thanking you all for dropping by. Hopefully November can be an even better month for me and you. I have plenty of plans in the works, including some baking for a very worthy cause.

Domesticated Mum does some work for a charity for children born with under-developed or no eyes called MACS. Being a very caring type of gal, she has decided to host a coffee morning on November 3rd at our church to raise some funds for this very worthy cause. So of course asides from Domesticated Mum’s world famous cupcakes, I will be firing up the oven and creating a Coffee Cake and some Chocolate Orange Cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream (recipes to follow).

A couple of days later it will be Bonfire Night here in the UK, which means sitting outside in the damp, cold English Autumnal air. This means I will have to think of something warming and delicious to keep my family from catching the cold while watching the fireworks.

The highlight of my month of course is that I have two weeks off of work which will give me plenty of time to test some Christmas recipes while I make the family a mock Thanksgiving dinner (I say mock because I am Canadian, and I live in the United Kingdom).

So again it will be a busy month here in the Domesticated house and on the blog. I hope you all have just as happy a month and a busy and delicous time in your lives!



2 thoughts on “Goodbye October, hello November

  1. We like Bonfire Nights in our little valley in south London – the fireworks fill the valley (well its more like a big ditch really) with smoke and the light from the explosions makes it feel, sound and look like a war is going on – no its fun really!

    1. Wesley

      I know exactly what you mean, Guy Fawkes is one of those holidays that I love to participate in but hate when I am an innocent under the covers trying to sleep while the re-enactment of the blitz takes place outside!

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