“Is it too early to start planning Christmas Dinner?”

My blog began when I decided to cook Christmas dinner for my extended family a couple of years ago, and again this year I have been honoured with the task. Back then I was a little scared, but this year I am excited. I can picture it now, me and the family sat around a table which has been expertly laid by little Ella and Amelia and the family is sat around a modern and delicious Christmas meal. It will be just like a scene from Dickens!


Or so I hope!

English: Christmas Dinner 2010 Kelowna BC Cana...
English: Christmas Dinner 2010 Kelowna BC Canada photography by russdionne.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With the dreams in place it is now just up to me to make that dream a home-cooked reality, which of course means planning and trying out recipes. My worry of course is this; is it too early to start planning for Christmas?

My American friends have Thanksgiving to act as a dry-run, but here in England there is no such holiday luxury available. So that means I am going to have to peruse my recipe books, and make a short list of recipes. Send those recipes to the committee; the wife and kids, and then try them out.
My concern of course is that it may be too early to start this mission; am I going to look like some sort of Christmas freak if I start baking mince pies in October? I suppose if I omit the tree and tinsel I could just pretend that I am making a Sunday roast, or I could tell the kids that I have been selected to film a Christmas cooking special… They are normally filmed in July aren’t they?

I suppose there are some who have already made their Christmas cake out there, so I better get off the computer and head out to the shops and see if I can find some chestnut stuffing…

What do you think? Is it weird to be this excited about cooking another festive feast, or should I just give it a break until the snow starts to fly?


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