TV Dinners; Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals

Once upon a time, a floppy haired geezer called Oliver brought us a cookery show and an accompanying book that convinced us we could cook a quality meal in 30 minutes. So convincing was this kitchen wizard that all the boys and girls in the United Kingdom bought the book as quick as lightning and made the wizard the author of the fastest selling book in UK publishing history.

His publisher was so happy that he asked young Oliver; “please sir can we have some more?”

And young Oliver set off to his kitchen, sat down and again created a collection of meals that we can all cook as quick as a flash. Being a cheeky chappy though, this time Oliver claims it will only take us 15 minutes to get a healthy, delicious meal to our plate. Amazing, and definitely something I had to see for myself. So today at 5pm I tuned my telly box to Channel Four and watched the young wizard get to work whipping up some super fast healthy meals.

And watched I did! I saw Mr Oliver bashing, clanking, and whazzing up a strange-looking chilli con carne meatball meal, served on bulgur wheat.  Then after the break we watched Jamie whizz up a sticky kicking chicken watermelon radish salad & crunchy noodles, which again was an impressive and delicious looking dish, and made in just 15 minutes.

Now some people, including my wife would argue that even though Jamie Oliver can smash us up a meal in 15 minutes, it would take some of us at least that amount of time to get the lid off of the jar of roasted peppers. And maybe it would! Perhaps claiming an ordinary person can swoosh up a meal lickety split, in less time than it takes for me to get my kids to put their school shoes on, was a claim too far… Really though, does it matter? Is the world that pressed for time now that they can only spend 15 minutes to cook a meal?

Personally, for me it, doesn’t matter how long it takes to make, as long as it tastes good. And from what I have seen from the first episode of the series I think there will be enough deliciousness splooshed up here that this geezer will keep watching, even if it does take me 22 minutes to cook up a meal.


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