TV Dinners: Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day

Gordon Ramsay’s guide to every day cooking is gone from our screens, for the time being at least. So now it is time for my favourite television cook to step into the limelight; Nigel Slater, the master of laid back cooking.

If you have never seen a Nigel Slater cookery program, than you will find that Nigel not only is a very inspiring cook, but he also presents us viewers with recipe’s that are easy to make, and won’t take a PhD in gastronomic chemistry to prepare. If you have watched Nigel throughout the years you will probably find nothing new in his new series, Dish of the Day. It is still presented from the same kitchen, with the same old scenes of Nigel popping down to the shop and out to cook for friends.

If you are like me though, I am sure Nigel’s Dish of the Day will be a comforting, relaxing, inspiring half hour of television, that is sure to get you into the kitchen.

Click here to watch and try Nigel’s Goat’s Cheese Frittata recipe



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