A Beer For All Occassions; Gaymer’s Pear Cider with Cherry and Apple

This week’s tipple of choice is my first review of a cider(of sorts). Gaymer’s Pear Cider with Cherry & Apple, a strange fruity concoction that Domesticated Mum wanted to try.

I first discovered Gaymer’s ciders a couple of years back whilst staying at a Hilton and I instantly fell in love with their Perry (Pear cider). It is light and refreshing with that slight bitter after kick that makes cider one of my favourite drinks when a beer is just too filling. Since then though, the cider market has boomed here in the UK, thanks mainly to Bulmer’s who convinced the nation that cider is the new beer, or something like that.

Now back to the Gaymer’s… The first thing I noticed about the Gaymer’s Pear Cider with Cherry & Apple was that the name was much too long. Just typing it gives my fingers a workout of Olympic proportions (if typing were an Olympic sport). The next thing I noticed was that the company has changed their labelling font to this weird swirly Old Fashioned style, which makes me think they are trying to tell me that even though the product is new, they are still using ‘Old Skool’ production methods. A claim they confirm on their website.

So with my 500ml bottle in hand, I thought ‘why not’, and grabbed a sample of this brew, paid for it, rushed home and popped it in the refrigerator for a nice chill down before dinner. Then came the moment of truth, I carefully popped the cap, and gave it a smell. Hmmm not very cider like, but it did smell like cherry. I poured half of it in my glass and gave Domesticated Mum the other half, and by doing so I noticed that it was pink. So not the most manly looking drinks. Cider though isn’t about appearance, it is all about taste, so giving it a taste I noticed that it was very un-cider-like. In fact it is basically just another alcopop. A refreshing and very sweet drink, that tastes like an alcoholic version of Robinson’s Cherry High Juice.

Personally, I thought it was far too sweet, and artificial tasting. Perhaps the added sugar and sweeteners were a step too far. When I drink cider, I want it to taste like  a grown-up drink, not something I would give to my kids (though I wouldn’t give this to the kids, even if it doesn’t taste it, it is 4% APV). Domesticated Mum however did like it, she thought it was a refreshing change from the beers I normally stock… But then again she comes from a long line of sweet-lovers, where as my ancestors preferred to drink the more traditional style alcoholic beverages.

So my verdict for this week’s beer is, that if you don’t mind drinking a very sweet alcoholic squash than grab a few bottles, I am sure they will go down a treat with a  bowl of salty snacks or when you want to raise your blood glucose to hypoglycemic levels. If you like something more traditional, I would personally give this a swerve.



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