“I promise to plan all my family’s meals weekly”

Food prices are rising every week, so today I am making a public declaration that I am going to stop wasting food and start planning the meals for my family. This will not only make the weekly shop easier for Domesticated Mum, but will also cut the cost of the weekly shop (no more throwing things in the trolley just in case).

Planning our weekly meals should also mean that less food goes to waste; I can’t begin to tell you how much food my house throws away because it has gone past it’s ‘best before’ date. And as an added bonus, a schedule of meal planning will also mean I can give some recipes that have piled up in my kitchen a whirl because I know I will have all the ingredients to hand.

Making a weekly menu may be  a challenge, not least because I have two children who are very apprehensive to try anything new. Place a courgette in front of them and they look at me as though I am trying to kill them. Still, I promised myself that I will get my kids eating healthy fruits and vegetables if it kills me. So with a bit of practice, and the support of Domesticated Mum our house will soon be one which comes complete with a menu of delicious and nutritious meals.

How about you loyal readers; do you plan your weekly meals?

Any hints, tips or recipe suggestion will be much appreciated.


2 thoughts on ““I promise to plan all my family’s meals weekly”

  1. Ah the weekly meal planning… I do try and follow through for a week or three but then I slack off and go back to my old ways of panic and random dinner making. I don’t know why I can’t stay with it because when I have a meal plan life is so much easier. Good luck with your and may you do better at it than I! 🙂

    1. Wesley

      So far so good with the menu planning. My mom was very good at menu planning which made my teenage years easier as I knew which nights to go and eat at my mates houses…

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