A Beer for all Occasions: Morte Subite Xtreme Framboise

A few entries ago I explained that I recently made a trip to the wonderful city of Brussels in Belgium, where I fell in love with beer… Well actually I fell more in love with beer; I have always had a soft spot for the amber nectar, but today I am drinking a strangely non-amber beer, in fact this beer is so non-amber it is pink! So pink that even the head of foam you get when you pour it is pink.

OK, so it is a funny colour, but is it any good?

Well that all depends on what you are looking for in a beer. If you are looking for a beer that doesn’t taste like a beer than this is your new tipple (if you can find it outside of Belgium). And if you are looking for a beer that has an alcopop style taste of raspberries than once again go out and search for some of this strange brew. If however, you are looking for a fruit beer that doesn’t taste like a cocktail with a strange metallic after taste, than you may want to swerve this beer for a more traditional, and frankly better brewed fruit beer without the added sugar and sweetners.

I am not saying that I hate this as a drink, I am saying however, that it isn’t very good as a beer, if it is even a beer. It is far too sweet, too artificial tasting, and way too pink to be seen in any alpha males glass… Actually after a bit of thought, I am saying I dislike this pink stuff, and would probably only waste my hard owned money on it again if I had just crossed the desert, was dying of thirst, and no other drinks were available.


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