So long September, hello October


What a fantastic month I, and this blog have had in September. Not only did I find a reignited passion for cooking and spending time in the kitchen, but I also rediscovered my love of writing. As well September saw this blog hit a couple of milestones, recording its busiest day on the 25th, my busiest week (statistically speaking) and the busiest month overall.

If there is one thing I have learned in the almost two years I have written this blog though, it is that you cannot rest on your laurels; success can only be sustained if you keep putting in the work, and I fully intend on putting in the work,  and not only on the blog’s pages. I have scores of recipes scattered throughout my house to try, and the end of the month of course is Halloween, which I will try to think of a treat or two to make for the local ghouls and goblins. So keep coming back because I am sure October is going to be a spooktacular month.

Drop me a message in the comment box below, and let me know what you all have planned for the month. Any recipes I should try?


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