TV Dinners: Nigellissima

Nigella Lawson is the Marmite of television cooks; you either love her or you hate her. In the love camp, sit people like me who can see Nigella for what she is; a home cook, with some good recipes that anyone (almost) with a little bit of kitchen know-how can make at home. In the loathe camp are those who find Nigella as nothing but culinary eye-candy (with an unnerving ability to smile and speak at the same time), who has built a career based on her looks, and her ability to make any dish seem sexy with her “food porn queen” persona.

And like Nigella herself, I am sure her new series Nigellissima will divide camps between the Italian food traditionalists, and those who understand, and listened to Nigella, that this is a series of Italian-inspired recipes.

Nigellissima, like most of Nigella’s other cookery programs, is filmed in a dream kitchen the size of some people’s flats, filled with every kitchen utensil, and ingredient your little heart could desire… All surrounded by nice girly twinkling fairy lights and an absolute library of recipe books. Which makes the series seem all very attractive; much like the series host. And like all Nigella series, after each recipe she is magically surrounded by some of the beautiful people of London, who happily and without complaint, devour Nigella’s food.

People however, don’t normally watch cookery programs just to ogle the cook (though with Nigella I am sure there is probably a niche market of people who do). No, most people watch cookery programs to learn some recipes, or at the very least gain some inspiration to get you into the kitchen, and I am sure Nigellissima will tick that box. Afterall, who out there who has watched the first episode of this series doesn’t think that all the recipes featured look absolutely scrumptious and easy to make? Though I don’t think I will be poaching any eggs wearing high-heeled shoes no matter how easy Nigella makes it look.


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