My search for a beer for all occasions; Innis & Gunn Original


English: Innis & Gunn

When you think of Scotland, the first thing that comes to mind is whisky, then shortbread, then maybe a tartan kilt, but quality beer probably isn’t high on the list of typically Scottish products. The fine people at Innis & Gunn are hoping to change that with their range of quality brews. So I thought I would give their original recipe beer a try as part of my quest to broaden my beer drinking variety.

Innis and Gunn Original produced by Innis and Gunn Breweries

Unlike the Hobgoblin that I reviewed last week, the bottle of this fine brew is nothing special. It is just a clear bottle, allowing drinkers to admire the golden brown colour of the brew inside, but sadly only has 330 ml. Luckily though, beer isn’t just a bottle, it is a drink and should be judged on its smell, taste and drinkability.

After opening the bottle, the smell of the brew is nothing too amazing, but it does smell like a beer should without any notes of preservatives, just hops, clean water and a slight odour of oak from the cask the beer spends 77 days maturing in. The taste of the brew is good however, clean, crisp, slightly bitter, with hints of oak, vanilla and toffee. The manufactures suggest this is the perfect beer to go nicely with a curry or some grilled fish, which I tend to agree with. For me though, this beer is good, but nothing amazing, however given the choice between a bottle of Innis & Gunn and a Fosters, the I&G Original wins hands down every time.



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