“I promise to cook with food that is in season”



As if one was required, here is another example of how shopping in supermarkets make us all a bit lazy…

I grew up in Canada, not exactly in the middle of nowhere but on the border leading to it, and my house was surrounded by farms growing all sorts of produce. There was strawberries, watermelons, sweet corn, cucumbers and my personal favourite apples within easy range. The roads surrounding my family home were littered with farms, and farmers who were all willing to sell some fresh produce, and since my Dad was on the local town council, he not only knew the best farmers to buy from, but also managed to get a discount… And of course, being a small boy with a bike and a mischievous mind, there was always the opportunity to grab an apple or two, or a punnet of strawberries on the sly when nobody was looking.

Since moving to the UK though I have fallen into the trap of supermarkets. I go in, pick up whatever I fancy, and leave. Year round food is on tap (so to speak) and I don’t really pay much attention to what is in season. The more I learn about food however, the more I am paying attention to what is in season, and I am now trying to make a conscious effort to eat what is in season for a number of reasons; first, the food will be fresher, and tastier. Secondly, I will be supporting local producers and farmers, and therefore I will be able to sleep better knowing I am doing my part to get this country out of the recession that it has been in for years now. Most importantly though, I feel by using ingredients that are in season, I will get a bit more variety onto my dinner table.

If you are not sure what is in season then click the following handy link for a detailed list:




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