My search for a beer for all occasions; Hobgoblin

I recently made a trip to Brussels in Belgium for a weekend away with my wife. It was a wonderful city, and the weather was glorious. The food was also excellent, but the one thing that I will remember the most from my trip will be the beer.

I had heard before I left that Belgium is to beer what France is to wine, but I never knew it would be so good or so varied. You can get every sort of beer that your little beer-drinking heart desires. They have light beer, dark beer, and a wonderful choice of fruity beers… Kriek Cherry beer being my favourite.

I did bring back a few bottles of beer with me to drink at home, but the lack of suitcase space allocated to be by Domesticated Mum was not sufficient to bring a huge selection of beers for my personal consumption. Sad I know, but what can a poor boy do?

Hit the internet and try to find a supplier of Belgian beers here in London, which there is a few, but the cost of the darn stuff is high enough that I would probably find it cheaper and more enjoyable to head back to Brussels and fetch my own. However, all hope is not lost, because whilst looking for suppliers here in London I did stumble across a variety of interesting looking British beers to try… And so begins my quest to broaden my beer-drinking horizons, by trying a huge choice of beers from around the world, and then blogging about them here.

So with a quest on the cards I headed to my local Tescos and found that they not only had a decent choice of micro-brewed beers for me to start with, but they also had a sale on! So I grabbed a pair of micro-brewed beauties and headed for the cash register, and saved myself £2 on a quartet of lesser known beers to begin my tasting session with.

And the first of my testers is Whychwood Craft Beers, Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin, the unofficial beer of Halloween, produced by Whychwood Craft Beers

The first thing that struck me about this wonderful beer before I even poured it into my trusty beer stine was the bottle, and the wonderful artwork on the label. The bottle itself is manly, and has 500 millilitres of this wonderful brew, but the label just says; “drink me if you dare” with its wonderful artwork of a Tolkien-esque Hobgoblin.

Once opened, the wonderful beer that flows out is one that must be tried by all lovers of fine ales. The colour of the brew is inviting, a lovely dark ruby reddish-brown which just screams “drink me!” The aroma of the beer is also very inviting, with a mix of chocolate, toffee and citrus odours just inviting you do take a sip… And sip it you must, for the taste of this brew is one which must be savoured; dry, toffee-ish and just slightly bitter, with a slight aftertaste of citrus it is a truly manly ale, perfect with food, or anytime you want a quality brew to savour.

And if you need a second opion here is a short video review of this bewitching brew.


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