My week; Olympicmania!

What a week I have been having!

As I am sure the whole world is now aware, the 2012 Summer Olympics have come to my hometown of London, and they have pretty much consumed my life. I can’t get away from the things, and to be honest I don’t really want to! The Games are my life until the 2nd week of September when the Paralympics finish. When I am at work I am helping the millions of travellers make their way to the Olympic park, and when I am at home I am watching the incredible sporting achievements as they unfold, or I am making my way to one of the venues to soak in the atmosphere.

This past weekend I went to Wembley to watch Team GB play the UAE, as well as Senegal playing Uruguay in the Olympic football (soccer for my American friends). And then Sunday me and my girls went to the Olympic park to soak up the atmosphere, and revel in the buzz of the Olympic park, which was an amazing experience, and one of my lifelong dreams has now been fulfilled, I have finally made it to an Olympic games!


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