My week; exercise, bankers, Euro 2012, Wimbledon and training

Followers of my tweets will know that I have spent a large part of the last week doing two things, watching the UEFA European Championships, and the tennis in SW19 at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

The football (soccer to my American friends) ended the way everyone expected; Spain passed, passed and passed some more to yet another tournament win when beating Italy 4-0. Almost makes me wonder why I invested the best part of a month watching when I knew in my heart of hearts that this tournament belonged to Spain who were probably  below par, but still miles better than any other team in the tournament.

The tennis at Wimbledon however, has thrown up a few shocks this year. I mean who would have predicted Rafa Nadal would crash out in the second round to the world number one hundred, or Federer falling two sets behind to the world 29 only to come racing back in one of the best tennis matches this year… And who would have guessed that somebody would come to Wimbledon to watch some tennis, eat strawberries and cream and steal Rufus the Wimbledon Hawk?

Still not everything in my life is like sports. Some things are very predictable. Like my annual training (my employer requires us every year to prove our worth through a series of tests and torture exercises) being so mind-numbingly boring that the most enjoyable part of my two days training was the commute… Which anyone who has ever travelled on London Underground during the rush hour can contest is like being thrown into the depths of hell, and probably just as hot!

Still at least the extra hour on the hot tube did inspire me to start a new fitness regime (not quite sure why, I think I am secretly hoping that if I can get fit again maybe I can run to Central London next year). So Friday I began a training program which will hopefully get me off the couch and running, which will not only help get my weight back down to what it should be, but also aid me in keeping my diabetes in check.

Still I mustn’t grumble too much, it has been a decent week, it only rained a little, and once again the bankers of England have been exposed to be the scum that I have known they were for years when Bob Diamond and his Barclay’s cronies got caught fixing the interests rates… Probably to put some extra pennies in the Christmas bonus pot!

Next week it is back to night shifts, and the missus, kids and I are staying at the in-laws for the week while the bathroom is torn out of Domesticated Towers and replaced with a shiny new one, so I suppose there will be a full report of the what life is like living a house with the squeakiest floors in Britain!


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