£1 fish man

It is amazing how something simple like getting bored at work and making a little song up can suddenly make you famous, but that is exactly what happened to Muhammad Shahid Nazir who sells fish on the Queen’s Market in Upton Park east London.

More from the BBC website:

“Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish… Have a have a look, one pound fish!”

The words to a catchy tune pulling in customers to a fish stall in Queen’s Market in East London, not far from the Olympic Stadium.

The man behind the song is Muhammad Shahid Nazir who decided to sing about his wares rather than shout like the other market traders.

Within a month of him singing the fish ditty he became an internet sensation, notching up well over one million hits on Youtube and being approached by a record label.

People from as far as Newcastle and Manchester have come to see him after viewing him on social network sites.

The song has inspired American boy band Mindless Behaviour, who have toured with Justin Bieber. Their R&B version has attracted 90,000 views online.

And British singer Alesha Dixon has added her own twist to the song.


Selling fish in the East End of London


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