My diabetic dilemma one week on

It has been a week since my doctor uttered the words; “we’ve placed you on the diabetes register.”

One week since I went from a ‘eat what you like’ kinda guy to one who has to plan every carbohydrate, grain of sugar, ounce of fat and gram of protein that passes by my gob… And let me tell you, for those who have not experienced this life challenge, it is an emotional roller coaster. I started out shocked, then got scared, then angry and now I am just feeling stupid but very very motivated to get my life, and body under control.

To gain control of my body’s chemistry however takes careful planning, so now I am spending a large chunk of my free time reading recipes, and planning every meal that I eat, which is a little time consuming, but in a strange way enjoyable. I also have to look at my busy schedule and try to book in some time for exercise… Oh and did I mention that I am doing all of this while giving up smoking (something I should have done years ago).

So now for the good news for you (and me), with all this careful research into my diet, and ways of looking at eating a healthier diet, I am sure I will be finding plenty of tasty, nutritious and healthy recipes to share with all my readers, so hopefully not only can I regain control of my life, but also help you to prevent losing control of yours.





2 thoughts on “My diabetic dilemma one week on

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? I think my boyfriend is on the fast track to diabetes from eating fast food and donuts almost every night, but at 25, he thinks he’s too young…sometimes I think I need to scare him into eating healthy.

    1. Wesley

      I am 42, and like your boyfriend I though I was too young, and I ate a fairly healthy diet. I did eat a daily dose of biscuits, a couple chocolate bars a week, and probably scrimped on the veggies and over ate the meat. I may have been a bit unlucky, but probably it was my own doing.

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