A change of lifestyle but good food remains…

What a week I’ve had! Friday I had an eye test, and it has been confirmed that my 42 year old eyes are slightly worn and a fancy pair of specs will be required for my reading pleasure.

Then today I went to the doctor’s for a routine health check, and my worst fears have been confirmed. I have type 2 diabetes. A bit of a shock but looking in hindsight I have some of the signs (I urinate quite often and feel tired a lot). Both my doctor and myself however, feel that I can get this problem under control my making a few changes to my diet and exercise regime. So starting immediately it is out with the sweets and in with some healthier food options… And maybe a small slice of cake on Sundays.

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2 thoughts on “A change of lifestyle but good food remains…

    1. Wesley

      You don’t need to give up anything, just have less and do more. I’m not sure if I was unlucky or what because I never thought of myself as unfit, I am perhaps ten pounds or so over weight, but who isn’t in the modern world.

      Still I am taking control of my body and soul and putting myself on the fast track to fitness.

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