March; a new improved kitchen, Mothering Sunday, and St Paddy’s Day

I have now been without a kitchen for almost two weeks while it is being modernised. The workmen say there is still another six days to go before I can start re-assembling my kitchen and get down to some recipe testing in what will hopefully be (if all goes to plan) my much improved and better organised kitchen.

And what better time to get back into the kitchen then just before Mothering Sunday so I can create a lovely treat for the missus. (Before anyone outside the UK sends me a comment that I have lost my marbles, let me explain that Mother’s Day is in March here in England, for reasons that I have yet to discover).

Following on from making a treat for my lovely wife, I think I will scour my cookbooks for some sort of Irish dish to create for St Patrick’s Day (preferably something that goes well with a few pints of Guinness).

Finally, time permitting I will start testing some recipes for the upcoming Easter Holidays.

So those are my plans for the next four weeks; what are you planning on creating in your humble abodes???

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