February… Pancakes, treats, and hearty warming foods on the menu.

January as you may or may not have noticed was pretty much a bust for me, and the blog. Call it a crisis of confidence or laziness or a bit of both, but whatever the reason, I just didn’t blog any of my kitchen adventures. In fact for a little while I considered stopping this blog altogether, however after some soul-searching, I have decided to continue on sharing my adventures in the kitchen. So, now that I have made my excuses for the lack of blogging action in January, let’s take a look at my plans for February!

“baby It’s cold Outside”

With the cold weather finally making an appearance here in Britain, I think February would be a good time to try out some hearty stew recipes that I have had my eye on.

“Love is in the air”

And of course the 14th of February is Valentine’s Day so I think I had better scour the recipe books and find some sort of treat to make for the missus.

“Don’t forget the pancakes”

February 21st is Shrove Tuesday, which is better known in these parts as Pancake Day, which is a perfect excuse to look for ideas to make the humble, but delicious pancake even more delicious.


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