Top 10 Drinks… up for debate

CNN put a list of the 50 best drinks on their website,  and though I agree with some, others are way off the mark. So here are in my opinion the best drinks in the world.
10. Root beer: another mystery to me, but whoever started boiling up tree roots and bark to make a drink was genius of Einstein-like proportions.
9. Lemonade: not that fizzy stuff the Brits call lemonade, just the natural, lemon, water and sugar type. It is a refreshing and healthy-ish beverage that cannot be beat when served up by an old lady on a hot day.
8. Earl Gray tea: there is something about earl gray that makes it so much better than any other tea maybe it is the citrus like taste or just the posh name.
7. Perry: a recent discovery of mine but pear cider has become one of my favourite tipples.
6. Apple juice: with thousands of varieties of apples available the jury is still out on which apple juice is the best, but is nice doing the research.
5. Canadian club and ginger ale: a fantastic Canadian favourite. Perfect for a cold winter night or for sipping around a bon fire
4. Beer: lagers, ales, stouts, I love them all and there is a beer to suit any mood.
3.Milk, semi-skimmed from a cow: humans are the only animal besides a cat that drinks milk from another animal. And a fresh cold glass of milk is still in my opinion a drink that cannot be beat!
2. Coca Cola: in the same ranking as the CNN poll, Coke is definitely “a beautiful thing” which is probably why it sells billions of units a year despite everyone knowing it is so bad for you.
1. Coffee: is there a better beverage? No and I won’t accept anyone saying any different, hot or iced a coffee is a truly glorious thing.


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