Top 10 Foods… up for debate

CNN has recently published a list of what they consider the 50 best tasting foods/dishes. So I thought I would chip in my top 10 for a bit of debate.

Poutine: looks disgusting, tastes divine!

10. Poutine: considered a Canadian delicasy designed to keep you warm by supplying layers of fat to your body, this combination of cheese, gravy and melted cheese looks horrible but tastes devine and is best eaten after 3 am and copious amounts of beer.
9. A juicy steak: rump, sirloin, ribeye, tartare, fillet or whatever other cut you want, a properly cooked steak is a thing of beauty.
8. Almonds: I was going to put marzipan here, but then I thought that basically anything with almonds in it are fantastic.
7. Freshly baked bread: this needs no description. Bread recipes have been around for thousands of years with little change, and there is a reason for it, bread is devine!

6. Tim Horton’s Boston Cream donut: again a Canadian speciality (not sure why it is called a ‘Boston’ cream) but essentially it is a custard filled donut, covered with chocolate.
5. Lamb Shish with salad and Taziki: this probably stems back to my student days when after downing 20 or so beers my friends and I would head to Tony’s Palace for one of his special greek kebobs, and then druel over his lovely daughters
4. Vanilla: perhaps it is the smell or the undescribable taste but vanilla makes everything taste better.
3. Glazed ham: someone once asked a convicted cannible to describe the taste of a human to which they said; humans taste like pork. If this is so and I am ever stuck in an ‘Alive’ type situation where I am forced to eat one of my friends, all I can say is I hope there is some honey on hand because I will be glazing someone up for a Sunday treat.
2. Chocolate: what can you say about chocolate that hasn’t already been said, it is truly a gift from the Gods, especially the bitter darker variety.
1. Maple Syrup: maybe this is the Canadian in me coming out, but Maple Syrup is truly a gift from God. Whoever it was who thought of tapping into a tree, draining out the sap and boiling it into a sticky sweet nectar is a genius. I mean what isn’t good with maple syrup? It goes well with salty meats like bacon, or on top of a pancake or even in a cake, cookie or on top of ice cream.


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