One year on and its time to start following a recipe

A year ago today I began this blog. Like many things in my life I started with an idea of what I wanted, but without a plan, which like a stew can become something wonderful, or can go horribly wrong and end up getting tossed in the bin.

Since you are reading this now, it looks like this particular blog-stew survived, but on reflection and looking back at some past entries I still think it is a ‘work in progress’. Or in culinary terms this blog is one of those dishes that is edible but won’t win me any Michelin stars, much like my actual cooking.

Still, now that I have had a year of practice both in the kitchen and writing the blog I am starting to get a better idea of what I need to do to take my cooking and this blog to the place where I want it to be. It will probably take some time to get there, but now I have a plan at least, and hopefully if I follow the recipe I have drawn up by the end of year two both my cooking and my blog will be a much tastier dish indeed.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog, and if you keep coming back I am sure together we can create a tastier plate!


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