New Cook Books review… I want all of them; am I a cook book junkie?

Over on The Daily Telegraph website, the wonderful food writer Rose Prince has posted an article reviewing three of the new cook books available for foodies.

From The Daily Telegraph:

The latest foodie books

We look at the latest foodie books, including Jake Tilson’s Deep End, Dan Lepard’s Short & Sweet and Mitchell Beazley’s The Good Table.

Picking from a mountainous pile of new books I’d most like to cook from this autumn, I find myself in the company of three men. None is a “celebrity” chef; all are “real” authors applying a second string to their literary bows: an explorer, a baker and a hunter.

<Continue Reading on the Telegraphy website>

After reading the article my first inclination was to immediately head over to Amazon and check how much it would cost me to add these titles to my growing library of cook books. My second thought was; am I a cook book junkie? Do I really need another book of recipes when I already have loads that I have barely thumbed through? Or am I just a hoarder of cook books in the vain hope that the skills involved in creating recipes will somehow seep through the pages and enter me via some sort of culinary osmosis?

So I resisted this time to click the “add to basket” icon and instead have decided to run a small poll to see if I am alone in my cook book addiction and to find out, “how many cook books does a food lover need?”… Then if the results go the way I think they might, I may just pop back over to Amazon and add a few items to my basket!


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