Digest: Go on a foodie holiday, find the best bar snacks, and discover the best restaurants in the UK

It has been a busy week for me and I have not had any time at all for experimenting in the kitchen (don’t you hate it when your day job gets in the way of your real passion?), still a week in the office means I have had plenty of time to trawl through the newspapers.

And again this week there was plenty of stuff for every food-lover to digest, but I begin with this article from the travel section of The Independent:

Cookery holidays: Don’t forget your wooden spoon…

Cookery holidays are as much a chance to get a taste of life in another country as they are to sample and prepare the local produce. Lucy Gillmore dishes up a selection of mouth-watering options

The Independent also reports on how we are all eating less salt without even knowing it:

The silent war on salt

It’s nature’s best flavour-enhancer and the mainstay of manufactured meals. So how come we’re eating less of it without even noticing?

Over on The Daily Telegraph website, we discover that Ledbury has won the Zagat ‘Most Popular Restaurant in London’ in the 2011 survey… I personally would have probably ranked it top as well!:

Ledbury wins top London food award as survey finds diners turned off by Twitter

The restaurant that beat the riots joins The Wolseley and Dinner at London’s top table as survey finds rude service and tweeting at the table are main grievances for diners.


And the Telegraph also has a lovely photo gallery of the Top 10 Restaurants in Britain as well:

Zagat rated: top 10 restaurants in Britain


Meanwhile over on The Guardian’s Word of Mouth blog we discover what they think is the best bar snack:

What’s the best bar snack?

Crisps, meat pies, pork scratchings – what’s the perfect accompaniment to a tipple?

DD’s Food Blog of the Week

This week I spent a long time reading Edd Kimber‘s wonderful food blog, The Boy Who Bakes. Which is one of those food blogs that truly inspires you to get into the kitchen and crack on with some cooking… And as Edd is a proven winner when it comes to baking (he won last year’s Great British Bake-Off) you can guarantee there will be enough recipes on there to keep you coming back for more!



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