September, kids lunches and the freedom of the kitchen.

Summer is over now and the kids have had seven weeks to rest their minds ready for another year of absorbing knowledge into their grey matter, so for me that means two things. Firstly I will have a few extra hours a day to putter around the kitchen trying new recipes and secondly it means another year of making lunches for my two very fussy children, and coming up with some healthy but tasty snacks for when the chimes of “can I have something to eat” ring through my ears ten seconds after bringing them home from school. So I have searched through my library of cook books and across a multitude of websites in search of some inspiration for my children’s lunch boxes, and throughout the month of September I will give them a whirl and report back to you all about how the kids enjoyed them… Or even if they would try them.

Some of my ideas so far are:

  • Ham & Cheese Muffins
  • Flapjacks
  • Tortilla (Spanish Omlette)
  • Sausage Rolls (I’ve tried these before with little success, but will give it a whirl again)
  • Chicken Wraps

In addition to these ideas, I may even try something suggested by one of you fine readers, so if you have any suggestions leave it in a comment or drop me a line through the contact box.

One thought on “September, kids lunches and the freedom of the kitchen.

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