A summer treat for your furry friends… if you live in the USA

I haven’t been spending a tremendous amount of time puttering around in the kitchen this summer. Sure I’ve cooked meals for my wife and kids, but because of the hectic schedule involved in keeping the kids occupied during their summer break I haven’t found the time to do a tremendous amount of experimenting in the kitchen.

What I have been doing though, is a lot of research into cooking techniques and ingredients to try out in the autumn when the children go back to school and I get a few hours of my life back every day.

I did manage to find one strange ingredient while trawling around the internet, ice cream, but not for us humans, no this ice cream is for your dog.

From the Independent:

Swiss food giant Nestle said Friday that it has a treat in store for dogs keen for an ice-cream to cool down in the summer heat.

Its so-called Frosty Paws ice-cream, are “specially formulated for dogs, who are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy products such as regular ice-cream properly,” said Nestle in a statement.

However, only American dogs will get to taste these ice-creams, which are only distributed in

the United States at the moment.

via Nestle offers ice-cream treat for lactose-intolerant dogs – Life & Style – The Independent.

The thing that caught my attention the most about this doggy ice cream was the child friendly packaging. Now I am not sure what this tastes like, or if it is even suitable for human consumption, but I do have visions of sneaky children finding out when they steal a spoon or two while searching the fridge for a snack!


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