The news we have all been waiting for… Sandwiches on the beach without the sand!

I hate going to the beach and having a picnic, all that icky sand gets into your sarnies and causes havoc, so I was so pleased to find the following article sandwiched within the pages of today’s Daily Mail. (Sorry about the bad pun).

From The Daily Mail

It’s the most unwanted souvenir you may take home from a trip to the beach – the sand.

But for those fed up of finding sand in their sandwiches – and in more uncomfortable places – help is at hand thanks to a hi-tech beach mat.

The mat – the design of which was originally developed for military use. It is made from a state-of-the-art material that filters out grains of sand.

It was first created for the Armed Forces to keep off the dust when helicopters land and take off.

Now the £40 invention is available to buy online to ensure beach-goers no longer have to suffer grit in all the wrong places
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