How I ruined the English summer but found time to read

OK so a few days back I wrote about the start of summer. It was a glorious day and about 22°C outside and I was sure summer had finally arrived… Oh how wrong I was!
Since I “announced” the start of summer Mother Nature has stuck her middle-finger up at this blogger and shown all of England that nobody, but nobody except her will summons up the summer. In fact as we make our way through the month of June the weather seems to be becoming more Autumnal. The temperature has dropped, and it is raining a lot here in London, which isn’t the barbecue inspiring weather I had hoped for.

Yes, this is the actual weather forecast for London

All is not gloomy however (unless you look out my rain-splattered window), all this soggy weather has freed up some time for me to just kick back, relax and leaf through some cooking magazines, thumb a few of my cook books and surf a few foodie websites for some inspiration… And I have found plenty!
Summer or no summer, I have found some fabulous recipes for things like Bloody Mary burgers, American Style Potato salad, Coleslaw, Lemon Turkey kebab and an assortment of scrummy looking desserts I want to try in the next few weeks! I also found a delicious looking recipe for Gnocchi which isn’t exactly barbecue food, but what the heck, it looks delicious!



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