Using our dinner break to grow our dinner.

For years now my friends and family have poked fun at the fact that me and my team at work spend our lunch breaks to do a bit of gardening. I don’t think it is the fact that for the past three years we have taken the time to grow our own produce, I think it is more that we grow our tomatoes, pumpkins, herbs and peppers in containers we have recycled from old cleaning supplies (hey we clean them out pretty good) up on the roof.

Sure it may look strange, but it has worked in the past and all of us green fingers have been rewarded with a nice collection of fresh produce to create some gorgeous and delicious dishes with.

So this year, I thought I would share my teams roof top gardening experiences with the world, so hopefully my friends and family will see that what sounds like a strange way to grow vegetables is actually a simple and effective way to grow your own produce almost anywhere. All you need is about an hour to set up your garden, and a few minutes a day to tend to your plants and mother nature normally does the rest.

Jalapeño Peppers living in harmony with tomatoes
Recycling old supply buckets to grow tomatoes
Tomatoes and peppers on the rooftop
Proving a garden can be created almost anywhere in London with a source of sunlight

Our makeshift roof top garden

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