All about eggs. Part Five; scrambled eggs

This is supposed to be the easiest way to cook an egg for breakfast, but recently I have learned that for years I was doing it wrong. Before I learned the correct way to scramble and egg, I used to crack the eggs, add some seasoning, then some milk and then cook them until they were a dried rubbery mess.

Then one day my friend and chef extraordinaire, Errol, taught me the correct way to create the most delicious eggs, the same method that Antony Worrall Thompson uses. They are light, fluffy and slightly creamy, and once you use the correct chefs method you will wonder how you ever ate a scrambled egg any other way.

Domesticated Dad’s Top Tip

After months of practice the one tip that i have found most useful is when scrambling your eggs, DO NOT OVER DO IT WITH THE HEAT. Start out with the pan moderately hot, and when the eggs start cooking, remove the pan from the heat, then add a bit more heat if needed. This will keep your eggs fluffy, and prevent them from becoming rubbery and from sticking to the pan.



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