Setting the holiday challenge.

I work shifts, it isn’t always easy, but it is the best way for me to earn a living, and it does allow me to see my kids more often than if I were an office worker who is enslaved to the 9 to 5 way of life. Today for example, I didn’t start work until 3 o’clock, which meant I was able to give my children breakfast, and walk them to school. On the downside of course, it also means I will not be around to give them dinner or help them with any homework they might be assigned.

Working shifts also has another downside for me, as an amateur cook. Since I will not be around this week during meal times, I will not be preparing any meals for anyone. This of course means I will not have an oppourtunity to tinker in the kitchen trying a new recipe.

But there is hope for me yet! Since I work for a company who is very generous with their annual leave allocation, I get a lot of holiday time! Eleven weeks and 1 day to be exact!; and next week I will be celebrating my first week of holiday for 2011.

Some of this time has already been captured by Domesticated Mum, who has assigned me some re-grouting work, and a bit of painting, but mostly it will be time for me to play with the kids, recharge my batteries, and best of all spend some time in the kitchen!

So , since I am going to be in the kitchen I thought I would set myself a challenge for next week. Nothing too difficult, I am not going to try to perfect a souffle or anything mad like that, I am simply going to whip out four recipes I have wanted to try, and try them.

So with this in mind, I will give you a small preview of what I am hoping to create in the kitchen. Then next week you can come back and check to see how I got on.

2011 Recipe Challenge; part one

  • Cottage Pie – I have made this before but always using a sauce from a jar. This time I am making it all from scratch.
  • Sausage and Baked Bean casserole – my kids love sausages, so I found this recipe in a magazine and thought I would give it a go.
  • Soda bread – I have never made bread before, but I don’t want to be messing about with yeast, so I found this wonderful recipe for Irish Soda bread which doesn’t need yeast, or much time to rise.
  • Bacon, tomato, and chilli pasta – I’ll admit it, I saw the picture of this dish in a food magazine, and was sold!


Initially I was going to make five dishes, but then I was invited out for dinner one day next week, and I have a night out with the boys already planned, plus, Tuesday is pancake day, so with all that in mind I dropped the number down to four.


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