Shark Fin Soup… ban this dish from tables everywhere!

Sunday night I watched a very interesting, and equally horrifying documentary made by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay about the cruelty of shark finning.

Shark Bait for those who didn’t have the opportunity to watch, was about the cruel practice of catching sharks and removing their fins for the making of Shark Fin Soup, a dish usually served in Chinese restaurants for extortionate prices. It showed the horrors of how the sharks are landed, and removed of their fins, sometimes while the shark is still alive. The body of the shark is then sometimes cast back into the sea.

It is a truly wasteful and cruel practice and one which is quickly stripping the seas of massive percentages of the shark population and a practice which is nearing many shark species to the verge of extinction. It is also a practice which must be stopped.

For more information and to get involved in the fight to end shark finning visit The Shark Trust website.

A Note about Gordon Ramsay

Though I applaud Gordon for his fight to stop shark finning, I do also believe that he should remove fois gras from his menus. Fois gras is a dish that results from the torture of animals. It is created by force feeding ducks and geese to over-enlarge their livers, an act which when witnessed is truly stomach churning and one of the most cruel animal practices in the World.


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