Unprepared for life… or why I believe child labour isn’t always a bad idea

Read the entry before bombarding me with hate mail!

A colleague of mine has spent the last eighteen years preparing her daughter for University. She sent her to the best schools she could afford, she made sure she did her homework and she even prepared extra homework for her during the summer and school holidays… Study, study, study!

This past September my friend finally saw all this studying pay off, and her daughter, as planned, headed off to University to study medicine. And since that fateful day all I have heard about is how much she hates being away at University. The poor girl has little social skills, she can’t shop (which is something I thought girls could do from birth) and she has no idea how to cook ANYTHING; the girl cannot even boil a kettle without instructions from her Mum.

And so with my colleague and an article I read over the Christmas period in The Telegraph as inspiration I have decided that it is time I put my children to work in the kitchen and help prepare them for life. I will encourage them to develop skills that will not only serve them well in the future, but will also make them healthier, happier and hopefully less apprehensive to try new foods.

And who knows perhaps I will have the next Delia Smith or Nigella Lawson in a few years time… Or maybe I will just have a messy kitchen, but at least I will have a child who knows how to prepare her own lunch!


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