Stupid Choice… Or how I learned not to panic and love the challenge of Christmas dinner.

“How did I get myself into this mess?”

That is the question I have asked myself since September when I agreed to host our family Christmas celebration. For the past ten years I have celebrated Christmas the old-fashioned way… over at the in-laws!

My mother in-law however who is a lovely woman, but a word-class complainer has finally cracked me and my wife this year convinced us it would be “easier” if we host Christmas this year. And amazingly we agreed to create Christmas dinner instead of just consuming it to make Mum’s life ‘easier’… And then,  if that wasn’t enough, I then stupidly said to my wife (who has inherited a lot of her mum’s complaining skills) not too worry; “Christmas dinner is a doddle, I’ll cook it!”

At the time it was just one of those comments designed just to calm my wife and return our house to the land of domestic bliss and calm, and then a couple of weeks ago my wife said:

“So what are you planning to cook for Christmas dinner?”

And with that question the panic overtook my brain… Planning? I haven’t been planning anything!… Do I need a plan?

“A plan would be useful, how else are you going to know what to get from the shops, or whether you have the equipment and skills to make it”

So with that gem of advice from Domesticated Mum I took a deep breath and started making a plan. And I have found that the more I planned, the more excited I have become about taking up the challenge of creating a feast of culinary delights for our family’s Christmas dinner. And this weblog will be not only the record of my plans, but also the boasting point for my successes… It may also be my confession box for my failures.

So welcome to the adventure, and please jump in and help me, applaud me, or question me about all my future culinary adventures!


2 thoughts on “Stupid Choice… Or how I learned not to panic and love the challenge of Christmas dinner.

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