The “sell-by” date debate, why eating in pubs may make you sick and more

There has been a lot of debate and discussion on both the television and in the print media over government plans to put an end to ‘sell-by’ dates on food packaging. Personally I find all the different dates a bit confusing, and experts believe they lead to a mountain of food going to waste. Some shops though don’t agree as discussed in this article in The Independent:

Why shops find a ban on sell-by dates hard to swallow

Supermarkets are revolting – and say that the latest initiative to reduce food waste may backfire

The Independent also had an interesting article this week on the state of hygiene in pubs across Britain, and has found that almost a third of ice-cubes tested in pubs contain harmful bacteria which could leave you saying; “never again will I drink a coke in a pub!”

Over on the Daily Telegraph‘s website, the wonderful food writer Rose Prince has an article on where you can source the best lard money can buy… Yes that isn’t a misprint, it says lard, and like you I did not know that one source of fat was any better than another, but she insists it is!

Meanwhile, The Guardian‘s food section is calling insects the food of the future… Deep fried crispy beetles anyone?

Food Blog of the Week

With a multitude of writers, and a fantastic blog roll, I choose the BBC Food Blog as the one blog that every food lover should be reading. It doesn’t have any recipes, but it’s opinions on food and food trends never fails to satisfy.

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